Prof Neil McDonnell

Professor of Philosophy and XR Technology, University of Glasgow

Prof Neil McDonnell

Neil McDonnell is Professor of Philosophy and XR Technology at the University of Glasgow. I work/Neil works on topics concerning the Metaphysics of Causation, Safety Engineering, and both philosophical investigations and practical projects concerning Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (collectively XR) Technology. 

Neil has industry experience working in the 3D Visualisation sector in Scotland, first with The Soluis Group, then with Sublime Digital (now Edify) which I draw on in my various crossover and interdisciplinary XR projects in Glasgow.  

He is Chair of the ARC XR Operations board within the University’s Muzumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre, and Principal Investigator of the Scoping Extended Educational Realities (SEER) research group, and the Levelling Up Innovation Accelerator project Museums in the Metaverse. 

Prof Neil McDonnell

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