Yemi Scott

XR Design Integration Consultant & Tech Futurist, XRology Ltd

Yemi Scott

Yemi Scott is a tech-enthusiast with an interdisciplinary background in digital media, game design and development. Her entrepreneurial spirit and visionary mindset have propelled her to trail-blaze in the captivating world of phygital fashion. This unique approach seamlessly combines the
physical and digital realms, revolutionizing the way fashion is experienced.

As the founder of Quirky Couture Inc and XRology Ltd, Ibiyemi has ventured into the emerging Web 3 space, establishing herself as an innovator and subject matter expert. With an unwavering passion for immersive technology, she dedicates herself to helping businesses harness the power of cutting-edge Ai and XR technologies, aiming to optimize production processes and make significant strides towards achieving low carbon emissions.

Yemi Scott

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Ethical and Diversity Considerations in AI Technology for the Fashion Industry

This exploration focuses on the multifaceted aspects of emerging AI technologies in the fashion industry.

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