Shannon Morales (Pennsylvania)

Founder & CEO, Tribaja

Shannon Morales (Pennsylvania)

Shannon Morales is a proud Afro Latina, mother of 3 daughters, and social entrepreneur. She started her first company, Tribaja, after experiencing unconscious bias in the workplace and set out to create a platform vetted with only the best work environments for underrepresented talent in tech.

By combining “tribe” and trabaja, the Spanish word for “work,” Tribaja is a name that reflects the business’ shift into a “community” of people with an interest in tech & startup careers, including an active Slack group. Shannon realized that other recruiting platforms are built exclusively upon acquiring clients. Instead, she focused on Tribaja’s ability to develop & upskill the community before all else.

Shannon has successfully scaled Tribaja to a global tech talent network that propels the growth of companies such as Lyft, Microsoft, Comcast, and many more. Her most notable accomplishments to date include being named Hispanic Business of the Year in Philadelphia, making Forbes Next 1000 small businesses list, and expanding to her second sales office in Richmond.

Shannon Morales (Pennsylvania)

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