Rosie Hull

Senior Business Development Associate, Skyrora Ltd

Rosie Hull

Rosie is a senior business development associate at Skyrora Ltd. Skyrora aim to support the UK’s plans for space sector growth and the increasing need for a sovereign launch capability by providing these capabilities to the commercial sector and UK government through their flexible end-to-end launch service, whilst also continuously evolving to meet the needs of the evolving New Space environment.   

Rosie is a Geology with Planetary Science graduate of the University of Manchester. After graduating she began working as a Business Analyst for Skyrora, and now works as a Senior Business Development Associate. Rosie primarily works towards finding collaboration and grant funding opportunities for Skyrora, while also working in general business development through attending conferences and events. She regularly works alongside the engineering team at Skyrora, following closely with their work to allow for the best possible opportunities to be found for the team.

Rosie Hull

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