Robin Sampson

MD, Trade in Space

Robin Sampson

Robin founded Trade in Space in 2017, having acquired over a decade of expertise in developing satellite technology, missions, and applications.  Robin holds a BSc. Hons. in Astrophysics from the University of Newcastle, and an MSc. in Space Mission Design from the University of Glasgow.

With the rapid emergence of commercial distributed ledger technology and ‘distributed applications’ Robin realised the opportunity to move beyond ‘actionable intelligence’, and rather to look toward ‘transactional intelligence’. Trade in Space were one of the first organisations to incorporate satellite generated data into commercially focussed distributed ledger system.

Trade in Space completed a world first in 2021, by completing the first satellite-brokered agriculture-commodity trade in 2021. This involved converting SatEO imagery into a commercial contract for delivery from coffee farm site in Colombia, to a coffee roasting business in Glasgow, with the transaction recorded on a proprietary distributed ledger system.

In 2021, Trade in Space closed seed investment from a multinational coffee company, outcompeting rivals “because Trade in Space understands the role that distributed ledgers will place in future supply chain management better than your peers”.

Trade in Space’s main clients are based in the USA and Switzerland, and the company observes agricultural assets globally.

Robin Sampson

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