Professor Giles Hammond

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Royal Society Wolfson Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow

Professor Giles Hammond

Giles Hammond is Professor of Experimental Gravitational Physics at the University of Glasgow, working in the Institute for Gravitational Research.

His research interests focus on the development of fused silica suspension systems for gravitational wave detectors and the measurement of thermal noise in both room temperature and cryogenic systems. He has led the development, installation and commissioning for the suspensions currently used in the aLIGO gravitational wave detectors, which opened the gravitational window on the universe in 2016, and is currently leading the A+ suspension upgrade and a UK-India effort to the build a 3rd detector in India.

He also has a research group building MEMS gravimeters, for applications in oil & gas and mineral prospecting, defence & security, space-applications and environmental monitoring. The MEMS gravimeters are currently being readied to deploy the worlds first gravity imaging network on Mt Etna.

Giles is a fellow of the Institute of Physics and Royal Society of Edinburgh, and current chair of Institute of Physics Scotland.

Professor Giles Hammond

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