Phil Ford

Head of Digital Technologies and Financial Services, Skills Development Scotland

Phil Ford

Phil Ford is the Head of Digital Technologies and Financial Services at Skills Development Scotland, leading a team to shape cross-sectoral strategies to ensure skills planning, investment and delivery are demand-led in support of industry priorities. Phil previously worked as a Regional Skills Planning Lead for SDS in the South East and South of Scotland.

Phil Ford represents Digital World, SDS’s website and campaign dedicated to promoting digital skills and careers in Scotland. The digital transformation of the economy was already happening at pace pre-pandemic, but during and post-Covid, digitisation and the need for associated skills have gone into overdrive. Also digital skills were once very much associated with the tech sector, but now those skills are in demand across all industries. From healthcare to hospitality and construction, tourism and gaming, the demand for digital skills such as AI, coding, cybersecurity, and data management are now unprecedented. So visit Digital World, become a digital human, and fast forward your career.


Phil Ford

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