Mitchell van Dooijeweerd

Sustainability Coordinator, ‎DGTL Festival

Mitchell van Dooijeweerd

Mitchell is Sustainability Coördinator at The Revolution Foundation and producer of the Circular Food Court. The Revolution Foundation provides sustainable and circular systems for festivals, events, and organizations. We work together closely with events, companies, and governments to design and implement circular blueprints, accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy.

In doing so, we provoke a radical shift in the behavior of festival-goers, partners, businesses, and governments all around the world. Our projects demonstrate that it is possible to transition to circular systems without having to compromise on quality or experience. We believe that this is the best way to introduce the world to a new economic paradigm, in which we distance ourselves from the ‘linear’ (take-make-waste) era.

Mitchell van Dooijeweerd

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Circular Economy – Regenerative growth for business

Unlock new revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction and help drive systemic change.

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