Lidia Krzynowek

Business Development Director, Carbogenics

Lidia Krzynowek

Lidia Krzynowek co-founder and Business Development Director at Scotland based cleantech company Carbogenics.  Carbogenics is a spin- out from the Edinburgh University. Carbogenics uses a low carbon technology to convert fibre-rich waste material like disposable paper cups, tetra packs, paper crumble, low-grade recycled cardboard and paper into functional carbon materials for application in anaerobic digestion (AD), waste water treatment and other.

Lidia Krzynowek is responsible for driving fundraising and commercialization activity for Carbogenics. She is an enthusiastic, driven leader with experience in linking supply chains for regional businesses, conversion of low-value resources into higher value bio-products as well as biofuels and bioenergy. She has a strong network of contacts and resources gained from 7+ years of experience in developing and managing government and EU projects, enabling innovation through knowledge transfer, and working with businesses, communities and academia.

Lidia Krzynowek

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