Jamie Roberts

Digital Transformation Strategist, Equator

Jamie Roberts

As a seasoned transformation strategist, Jamie has a wealth of experience helping guide business leaders from various industries toward achieving their strategic goals. His journey began as an entrepreneur in his early twenties, where he founded and managed his own startups, instilling in him a deep understanding of innovation and the challenges of bringing novel and disruptive ideas to market. 

Today, Jamie leverages his wealth of experience to facilitate positive change focussed on delivering forward-thinking outcomes. With expertise spanning multiple domains, including technology, organisational excellence, business intelligence, and nurturing engaged company cultures, his passion for entrepreneurship fuels his drive to help organisations evolve from challenger brands to industry leaders. 

With a diverse portfolio ranging from e-commerce and engineering firms to healthcare and financial services, Jamie has developed tried and tested methods for creating leading products and services, turning innovative concepts into thriving realities. 

Jamie Roberts

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