Iona Murray

Marketing Manager, SICCAR

Iona Murray

In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, Iona was awarded a first class honours in her business and marketing degree from The University of Edinburgh. She currently leads on the marketing and communications at SICCAR – an Edinburgh-based software company.

Starting her career as a business apprentice at Microsoft, Iona has worked at her current company throughout her four years of university – including a year spent in Milan where she had the opportunity to study marketing from an international perspective. This experience sparked her interest in emerging technologies and how to market them. Iona focused her dissertation on attitudes towards technology innovation in Scottish Public Sector; a study that is made even more relevant given the current pandemic and need for digital public services. When Iona isn’t working, she enjoys running and practicing yoga – hobbies that have become even more important since lockdown.

Iona Murray

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