Dr Helen Wright

President and Executive Trustee, Changing the Chemistry

Dr Helen Wright

Dr Helen Wright is this year’s President of Changing the Chemistry, a peer-support network (and amazing community!) with over 600 members in Scotland and the rest of the UK, focused on supporting diversity of thought in the boardroom.

She herself has a varied and active portfolio career, combining a number of non-executive roles with executive coaching and international leadership recruitment; her professional background was in education, and she loves to encourage learning, which is why she supports a number of CEOs of start-up companies in their early stages.

Helen has a deeply rooted belief that we all have a purpose on this planet, and that behaving with integrity wins over people’s hearts – in life, as well as in the boardroom. She believes that there is always a solution, if we can collectively put our minds to it, and all of her multiple roles have this at their heart.

Dr Helen Wright

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