Dr Duncan Booker (VentureJam Judge)

VentureJam - Pitch Final

Chief Resilience Officer, Glasgow City Council

Dr Duncan Booker (VentureJam Judge)

Dr Duncan Booker manages the sustainability and resilience agenda for Glasgow City Council.  He is responsible for ensuring that the city both reduces its carbon emissions and plans for the local weather impacts of global climate change.   Duncan also leads on Glasgow’s membership of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities network.   He has more than twenty years’ experience in local government policy development and previously served as an advisor to the Leader of the Council.  Duncan was also Glasgow’s co-ordinator for its membership of the WHO European Healthy Cities network so has a strong interest in how a focus on sustainability, health and resilience can improve urban quality of life.   He is a graduate of the universities of Oxford and Glasgow.

Dr Duncan Booker (VentureJam Judge)

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VentureJam – Pitch Final

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