Coreen McCubbin

Senior Aerospace Consultant, Leading Edge Strategy Consulting

Coreen McCubbin

Coreen McCubbin is the Senior Aerospace Consultant of Leading Edge Strategy Consulting Ltd. with over 20 year’s industry experience 13 of which at the cutting edge of Research and Development in the aviation sector. Coreen has delivered through collaborative funding and pioneering technology strategic growth of composite capability from ground zero, reshoring of composite production manufacturing through technology implementation and increased composite innovation footprint securing Scotland within the ecosystem developing world class composite manufacturing. Capabilities include translating R&D, technology development into innovative product applications on international projects to implementation, leading and delivering large scale complex aerospace technology programmes and working with central and regional DA to develop strategic capabilities.

Coreen has served as an honorary member of the Primary Engineer Initiative to board member of multiple High Value Manufacturing Centres playing a key role in shaping the strategic vision including skills development and training for the future of industry in the UK.

Coreen McCubbin

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