Caro Melendez

Head of Scotland & Global Partnerships, CodeYourFuture

Caro Melendez

Caro has 15+ years of international experience, spanning from an Army Officer to roles in ops, DEI, community, partnerships, and entrepreneurship, with a strong passion for diversifying the tech industry. She champions tech-for-good initiatives and prioritises individuals’ fulfilment, happiness and well-being within organisations.

As the Head of Scotland & Global Partnerships at CodeYourFuture, Caro forges strategic alliances with the tech sector to support CYF mission through social mobility. CYF provides free Software Development education to empower underserved communities working with groups of 80% ethnic minorities, 80% low socio-economic backgrounds and 40% women, empowering them with the skills and confidence to start fulfilling careers in tech.

Caro is also an accomplished ecosystem builder and super-connector. She is the co-founder at Foras and also volunteers as the Head of Operations at Startup Grind Scotland, creating a global community movement that encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas among entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders supporting Scotland’s tech ecosystem.

Caro also advocates for accessibility and neurodiversity, leveraging her own experiences as a proud neurodivergent woman and a single mum of two neurodivergent children. Caro embraces her condition as an asset rather than a limitation and remains committed to helping others unlock their full potential.
Caro’s unwavering determination, passion for connections, and remarkable ability to bring people and ideas together have significantly impacted organisations and individuals globally, driving positive change in the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Caro Melendez

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Sofa Session 7 | True Diversity in Tech: Beyond the Surface CANCELLED

Go beyond the surface and what the industry is doing already to explore the profound dimensions of DEI in the tech industry. (By CodeYourFuture)

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