Barry McDonald

VP, Community, CodeBase

Barry McDonald

Barry is a seasoned community builder who is passionate about building and supporting tech startup communities, connecting people and facilitating collaborative projects across the Scottish tech ecosystem. He is a former journalist and business owner and as VP of Community at CodeBase, he is responsible for building a supportive, diverse and inclusive startup community across Scotland.

Codebase is UK’s largest Tech Incubator with a focus on building culture, community and

education that promotes and supports tech innovation. Codebase works with startups,

scaleups, corporates, governments, academia and the third sector to help support innovation

ecosystems, using worldwide startup best practice and tailoring it to local realities.

Barry McDonald

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Sofa Session 9 | Techscaler Startup Support

Join us for an explainer session on how Techscaler, delivered by the CodeBase can help your business.

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